The South African Rand [ZAR] has dropped its value to R15 to US$1. Before independence in 1994, the ZAR weighed in at a hefty ZAR1 to US$2 ! It was linked to the gold standard then but has been declining in value to the current weak rate since. The good news for foreign visitors is that holidaying in South Africa is a bargain. It’s also good news for paddlers who wish to purchase hand-laminated fibreglass PaddleYak Kayaks from South Africa. Now it’s possible to import a sought-after hand- laminated fibreglass PaddleYak at the price of a plastic play-boat locally. Whether you are an
individual in far-flung Siberia, or a dealer in Manhattan, now’s the chance to obtain your PaddleYak Kayaks. For enquiries and orders, ph +27 (0)825562520,

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