Plastic pollution has become a worldwide concern. The world is currently being swamped by millions of plastic extrusions, including plastic paddling craft. At the rate these craft are being produced there may soon be more plastic craft than persons wishing to paddle! Some plastic craft do a reasonable job, but kayaks produced in composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon are in another league in terms of performance, longevity and range of designs. Hand-laminated, fiberglass craft are
sought-after worldwide and come at a premium, but paddlers buying in and from South Africa are able to obtain these craft at very competitive prices. Whilst plastics are “robust”, meaning that if you paddle a plastic craft into a rock it may not crack the first time [later when it gets brittle, it will], it’s a poor measurement of the quality of a craft. You don’t buy a craft because it is robust in the short term; you buy one which will give you the best performance. The lighter weight, the range of specialised models, the speed and the longevity of fiberglass kayaks may make them the right
choice. Like a cut-glass goblet, a fiberglass craft can outlast its owner. A plastic mug won’t. Even though fiberglass can be fragile, it has longevity and can last a lifetime. This gives them their status and a positive eco quotient iro manufacturing pollution /duration of the product. If you wish to play, buy plastic. If you want to get more out of your paddling, buy composite fiberglass and carbon kayaks. For a full range of hand-laminated fiberglass kayaks, contact PaddleYak Kayaks at or phone 0825562520. These are legendary hand-laminated kayaks.

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