SOLiDFORM Canopies


Here is our latest project, the Soldiform Canopy, providing a good alternative to high tension canvas canopies and patio umbrellas. This is the first solid form of canopy of its kind and we can adapt it in many ways to suit different applications.


Costs for the double-layered roof section starts at R9500 apiece retail, negotiable depending on the order. This price excludes mounting, which will vary from application to application and will be designed separately.  A stand can be as simple as wooden poles bolted on, or as elaborate as required, with galvanised metal scroll work, beams, brick pillars, steel cables, etc.

  • The canopy can come in any colour of your choice; it is mixed into the material so is weather-resistant and fixed for years to come.
  • It is particularly suitable for harsh environments, moist air and high winds.  It can be cantilevered from a wall, or made to stand on wooden or steel poles, of any design.
  • The canopy has built-in guttering, allowing  rain run-off to be directed as required