Kayak hatch covers


Looking for more storage ? All PaddleYak kayaks come with a standard kayak hatch and the ideal easy to use water- tight screw in hatch cover.


The screw-in kayak hatch covers are standard on PaddleYak kayak’s offering multiple storage areas with easy access for all your dry gear and other paddling accessories.

  • screw in for easy access
  • secure
  • various sizes
  • watertight
  • offers dry storage

Additional ones can be fitted in easy-to-reach positions on any of our sea kayaks.

Extra ones cost R200 ex Vat.

Separate, unfitted ones can be bought for R100 [large], R80[medium] and R60[small].
Imported, oval, peel-off rubber hatch covers are available on request at prices to be determined.

*Please put in notes which you require