As we settle down to 2024 the kayaking season arrives, so make sure your kayaks are ready to go. If you are in need of a robust and sea-worthy kayak soonest, get a PaddleYak Sea Kayak, South Africa’s award-winning, top brand for sea kayaks. They are twenty models to choose from. Designed and built locally in hand-laminated fibreglass laminates, the best material for high-performing kayaks, durability and longevity.  Trade in your budget plastic play-boats for real kayaks. During March to May the predominantly southern trades start backing off all around the Southern African coast and we get beautiful wind-calm days, perfect for sea kayaking. This period stretches from mid-March to the end of May when we start having wintery days, with mist, rain and blustery southwest to northwest winds kicking in. Mid–July to mid-October is usually mid-winter with cold southerly winds beginning to herald in spring in November. Spring flowers may bud in September already, but for improved paddling days after winter, October to November are the months when you can start unpacking your kayaks again. Of course, you could have taken the opportunity to enjoy Africa further north or gone overseas to paddle some historical routes in the summer months there. The latter would be specially do-able if you had your sensational PY TravelYak Split at hand! This is the year in which this long-awaited craft will finally be launched to the public, so if you have not placed your orders yet, do it now! Do not say you weren’t warned! Together with the PY Split, PaddleYak will also be launching a compact double, the Gypsy Duo, a recreational surfski, the PY Viva! and a fast, competitive racer/trainer for paddlers under 100kgs, the PY Elegante.