Real Cape Adventures CC in South Africa explored and identified a kayak route along the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2014. A company KayakenCamino was set to run it and the rest is history. The company has won the best newcomer on the Camino in Galicia and has been virtually fully booked ever-since, even throughout Covid. Trips are run from June to the end of September only and takes six days, covering about seventy kms by kayak and 23 kms by foot. It starts at O Grove on the Atlantic seaboard and runs along the protected Ria Arousa Inlet to Padron just 23 kms from Santiago de Compostela.  One can participate in only the kayak section, or extend one’s trip by walking from Portugal, France, etc.  This is the first-ever kayak operation along the famous Camino and is geared to suit all in super stable and safe double kayaks. The emphasis is on fun and local culture and especially on the cuisine, so distances to paddle per day are short. Accommodation is in tents, hostels or apartments.  The price is EUR 650 (approx. ZAR13000) from O Grove. It includes accommodation and all kayaking and meals.  There are weekly departures. If you are in South Africa, book through Real Cape Adventures at 0825562520 or email  Currently taking bookings for the slot from 8 to 13 July 2024, but you can enquire about any other weeks too.