The unseasonal poor weather which has hit much of the South African coast this week may be a harbinger of good tidings in respect of good weather for the summer season ahead. Whilst the weather may hark back to winter and thoughts of hibernating a bit longer may surface, the likelihood is that South Africa’s beaches and coast will be blossoming with good weather this season and that the demand for top notch paddling craft will exceed the supply. Whilst imported budget plastic paddling play craft may be available from supermarkets and large retail stores, the real thing, hand-laminated adventure kayaks, like the PaddleYak Kayak range, will be difficult to obtain in time for the holiday season if you have not ordered your craft already. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc, based in Knysna [but which supplies country- and worldwide], is urging customers to avoid
disappointment by placing their orders now. Suppliers of fittings and raw materials are closing early in December and are already hard-pressed to deliver back orders, meaning that craft ordered too late will only be completed in the New Year. To get your order in in time, ph 0825562520, or email

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